We are the escaped inmates of

 Donkey Island Penitentiary


In 2014, Big Dave spent a month in a coma, and as he lay dying his mind became unstuck in time. When he woke up, he told Alejandro and Vincent of his strangely vivid dreams: time travel, deals with devils, vigilante justice, and regret across different planes of consciousness. When Dave could walk again they got to work, and with Miguel, they are a fearsome foursome of guitars, drums, bass and harmonica. 

The name, Donkey Island Penitentiary, is a play on "Pleasure Island" from Pinocchio, where bad little boys drank too much, smoked too much and turned into asses; it's what happens when you party too much. There is always a cost.

Donkey Island Penitentiary is the sound of garage, punk and science fiction, filtered through the blues, while Big Dave growls dreamy lyrics about his nightmares. They have been crafting their songs in secret. Now is the time for their big escape.

EXILE ON 4TH STREET, their debut EP, is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon, streaming on Spotify, Shazam, and many other places music is stolen and heard.  


Vocals, Harmonica / Big Dave Perea

Vocals, Guitar / Alejandro Speranza

Bass / Miguel Vasquez

Drums / Vincent Perea


Catch us if you can


Shoot You Down Final Web.png

Shoot You Down

by Donkey Island Penitentiary

Exile on 4th Street

by Donkey Island Penitentiary